A social media 'moving picture' ad for my Drake Tribute night.

An social media post for the release of a mix series which included my favorite producers. Hope to have time to do more of these soon!

My National Mechanics 'moving picture' Ad for the free mixes we would send out to those on our mailing list during the 2020 portion of the pandemic.

Video ad for my 'On The Run Pt 6' dj mix. An eye grabbing way to point people to download my free mixes. 

Annually I play dinner music and the after party for Philly Fights Cancer. An incredible event that offers a night of amazing food, drinks and world-renowned entertainment. This is shot using my iPhone from the dj area during Lionel Richie's finale.

Here's footage of my vantage point where I play the show from. You can't tell, but I've got two sets of headphones on - one for the music and the other for backstage production cues so I can stay informed on the entire show's happenings. Very exciting - and a bit nerve wracking at times.