Whether you're planning a corporate social, looking for relaxing sounds for a rooftop deck or just need interesting but not boring cocktail music for your reception, track selection is key. Here's examples of some mood setting songs that make it into my set list depending on the event. Some are old, some very new, but they all say 'relax and have one for me'. Check back from time to time as these will change. You might hear something you want played at your event!

What's hot on the dance floor? Well, it depends on what you're into.  Certain styles fit better than others depending on the event. Here's a list of songs that make my Saturday night residency at National Mechanics a lot of fun and keep the floor moving. Whether it's hip-hop, EDM or throwbacks; the groove never stays in one place too long. But when the lights come up and the floor is still full, I'm happy. Check back here to see different entries from my list of endless throwbacks, current favs and new buzz tracks